I am a second-year principal at a public middle school in Northern California. Formerly I was an assistant principal for 8.5 years (two here, 6.5 at a local high school).

What excites me most about school leadership is the opportunity to facilitate collaborative spaces where different people and ideas find convergence. This helps us all experience a sense of shared endeavor and purpose. I continue to choose to work in education for two reasons: 1) A deep belief that our work is critical for a healthy, just, equitable society, and 2) I get to learn and try new things every day.

I believe that, on the whole, schools are too insular and need to do more outreach to infuse different ways of thinking into their work. Building a digital footprint is one way schools – and individuals within schools – can do this outreach. Staff and students need to develop an international cohort of colleagues to maximize the potential of school and demonstrate that the work done at school can benefit community and world. We all need to join education’s growing global campus.

Being from Northern California, you won’t be shocked to hear my interests: the outdoors, literature, art, sports of all sorts, alternative music (I’d do nicely in Iceland). My experience as a parent of two incredible young children has forever changed how I work alongside the students at my school. My wife is a committed and passionate teacher – know many that aren’t?

I am a member of the founding team of Global School Play Day.

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  1. hey, thanks for the tweet — Rilke rocks. / I’ve had a little poke around your blog and I like! great questions, thoughts, engagement… 🙂 I have my beefs with education like most people I guess, but am also absolutely in love with learning (and an encourager at heart) so… to let you know it’s appreciated. All the best, Katie

  2. Eric, I am attaching the email I just sent to Dr. Brown, listed as Principal at Hall MS. We were really looking for you. I can be reached at marty@krovetz.net.

    Hello Dr. Brown,

    My name is Marty Krovetz. I am Professor Emeritus, Educational Leadership, San Jose State University. I am working with middle and high schools in Santa Cruz County on looking at their grading policies and the equity implications of current practice. Several of us read an article by Eric Saibel and Nathan Beach in Edutopia about the work on grading that is occurring at your school. We are interested in having you and/or Eric talk with our Grading Task Force about your process. The Task Force consists of site and district school administrators from throughout our county. Our next meeting in via Zoom on November 2 from 8 to 9AM. Would you and/or Eric be available to talk with us for about 30 minutes?


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