Blog Posts That Have Shaped YOUR Year – #EdBlogs2013


2013 was the year I started blogging.  I have many people to thank for helping me push that boat out of harbor – friends, colleagues, and countless bloggers who inspired me with their unique perspectives.  My own learning and growth as an educator and leader have been immeasurably enriched thanks to the many distinct voices contributing to the global conversation on education (and beyond) via this unique platform.  One thing has led to another and now I have a “litter” of three blogs; this one, another dedicated to language, and a recent arrival centered on learning space design.

So how to pay proper homage to the individual blog posts that shaped my thinking in 2013?  How to discover MORE great work from this year that I don’t (yet) know about?  I take inspiration from Scott McLeod’s (@mcleod) #LeadershipDay13 challenge back in August in calling for YOUR submissions to #EdBlogs2013.  

(Thanks to Rod Milstead for inspiring the video launch, then doing a Welles-ian directorial job to boot…)


  • Write a post including links to your 10 favorite individual posts that were written in 2013 (10 is arbitrary, granted – if you have one, or 17, that’s fine too!).  Use #EdBlogs2013 in the title and when tweeting it out.
  • If you want to provide some context for WHY each post struck a chord with you, then please do so!  One great example is from Rachel Jones (@rlj1981) giving a shout-out to her top-ten blog pages.
  • Please fill out this Google Form once your post is written so I can find, compile and share all posts.

Let’s use the posts that defined our 2013 learning journeys to inspire colleagues and foment our own thinking for the writing, creating, and collaborating we will be doing in 2014.

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