Walls becoming windows…


All thanks and credit go to Sam Boswell and David Theriault – two solar flares of thought – for inspiring this post, a bit of a departure from my typical ramble…

2 thoughts on “Walls becoming windows…

  1. Vistas, heights, views from above offer advantages of distance to the eye/ learner-observer.
    What can I see here? What do I now realise? What might be possible?
    Yes, there’s the obvious implication of transparency, but this term suffers from moribund edu-speak. I am prompted here by Orwell’s belief that good writing is like a polished pane of glass. Clarity, then, as a metaphor for process.
    And – on another plane – how about soaring, uplift and backdraft as terms to unleash potentiality?
    For reading emotions within the maelstrom (time for that distancing effect), I recommend Brenda Beatty: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/228687392_The_emotions_of_educational_leadership_Breaking_the_silence/file/3deec51b0dd9388a60.pdf
    Thanks for provoking a thoughtstream!

    1. I think your comment merits it’s OWN post, Sam! You have sensed something important – a window is a way to see outwards/inwards, something that can be opened (and even presumably serve as entrance/exit – why not?). That said, it is also a barrier; I may have a window into my office or classroom, which allows for viewing and (ugh) “transparency” (Orwell would be proud of your distrust of this overused, overwrought word) – however, the window still serves as a partition between viewer/viewed. A learning organization is empowered by a freer flow of information (Argyris) – windows, open doors, clarity of language, thought, process…and yet I think we still do require time alone, walled off for a spell, living an ebb-and-flow between social construction of meaning and individual reflection. Hmmmm – this “motto” for the year could easily be 10-15 variations, each imperfect in its own unique way. Cheers, Sam.

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