Wired/Inspired Episode I: Maximizing PD – #TeamNorthBay


It was a particular combination of Edcamps, Twitter, geography and destiny that gave rise to the #TeamNorthBay learning collective this past fall.  Three elementary school principals, two high school assistant principals, and a tech coach/event planner/mover-shaker extraordinaire coalesced around a number of tenets – we all love to connect and learn from people beyond our campuses, we are all interested in the role new/emerging technologies play in organizational learning (for kids and adults) AND we all have a healthy dose of goofball in us.  I mean, check out Principal Adam Welcome here!

adam on trike

We decided as a team that we wanted to find ways to connect meaningfully and use our conversations as sustenance for ongoing work in our own spheres AND in the broader world (analog and digital) of education – after all, we have colleagues from around the globe.  It is hard to feel this connection via email threads and the occasional meet-up at a conference (despite the fact that “Youngest Principal in the Universe” Amy Fadeji is a “Most-Likely-To-Be-Chased-by-Paparazzi-at-Ed-Conferences” candidate!).


Amy with #EduHULK/HUNK David Theriault at #CUE14

So we cooked up this idea of Wired/Inspired (with heavy influence from the fantastic Techlandia podcast) as a way for us to meet up, share ideas, and invite other voices into the conversation.  Episode 1 – “Maximizing PD” – was a really fun first effort that we hope to build on.  Please join our G+ community and help us expand our footprint beyond the cozy confines of our beloved North Bay!!


#TeamNorthBay: Sergio Villegas, Katy Foster, Amy Fadeji, Catina Haugen, Adam Welcome, Eric Saibel

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